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Kitten with bladder stone

This kitten came in to Pasadena Humane in a lot of pain, but left with a whole lot of love.

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ziggy’s adoption

Ziggy had such a great adoption story, we had to share.

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Bobo’s Adoption

This was a very exciting post. Bobo had been with us almost 7 months. We took his photo with his new adopter, got information about her, and kept up with the adopter to continue the story. This generated 23 comments, 5 shares, and organically reached over 3,000 people.

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boosting morale

Appreciating employee’s for the work they do day in and day out really boosts morale. During kitten season, our animal care staff works tirelessly taking care of a plethora of community cats.

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A different volunteer experience

We were told the Wildlife Department needed more volunteers. How’s a picture of an opossum to get their attention?

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Adopter Fern

Marketing an animal with a disability can be a challenge, but Fern was very sweet, so we knew we had to focus on her talents to get her a good home. We created a video to highlight her sweet demeanor. This got 10 comments, 19 shares, and over 2,300 people reached.

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user generated content

We got this photograph from one of our Fosters. We knew it was too cute and had to post. The story basically fell in our laps.

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metro meets metro

Metro’s story started off sad, but ended up with a happy ending.

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Sookie’s Adoption

Everyone at the Pasadena Humane Society loved Sookie. She was an amazing dog with one slight problem, she couldn’t hear. That didn’t bother her adopter, and the photo and social media post made a lot of people happy. This got 20 comments, 3 shares, and over 2,600 people organically reached.