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Harriet needs a wheelchair

Harriet came in to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA with paralysis in her back limbs. We knew her quality of life would increase with a wheelchair so we used Facebook to fundraise for one, with an e-appeal to match.

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coachella kitten

Because of her head wound, this kitten had to wear a gauze bow in her fur. She was quickly named Coachella Kitten and became a great story for the Marketing Department.

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Poor frenchie

Frenchie came in with a large mass on her chin. We used Facebook and a matching e-appeal to fundraise for her and other cats who need extra medical assistance.

Check out the three posts about Willow that kept followers engaged in her story.

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Meet willow

Willow came in to Pasadena Humane with a bag injury to her leg and our Chief Veterinarian knew she needed surgery. We used an e-appeal to fundraise.

Willow’s update

We wanted to continue Willow’s story and the engage the fans she accumulated. We posted an update about her after surgery.

Willow is adopted

We had the pleasure of alerting our fans that Willow was adopted, despite her injury, while she was still healing!!