Critter Camp Web Banner v2 - 2019.png

web banner

Promotes our Critter Camp as we wanted to generate more sign ups for Camp in Summer 2019


Facebook cover photo

Promotes our Kitten Week activities


facebook cover photo

Generic cover photo to showcase our diverse animals available for adoption


facebook cover photo

During Kitten Season, it’s important to teach people to watch and wait before they pick up and the kitten and bring it to us. This cover photo starts the education process. We followed it up with social media posts about the topic.

Adopt Me Winnie.jpg

adopt a pet template

for animals who are in Staff Offices

free cat adoptions.jpg

free cat adoptions flyer

July 2018

Pop Up Adoption Day 2018 lores REDONE.jpg

pop up adoption flyer

Proudly used photos of our animals

CatCon Adoption Special-01.png

adoption event flyer

August 2018

Chubbs the Cat Alternatives v2.jpg

chubbs alternates

When we had a 29 pound cat at the Pasadena Humane Society, we were able to get media attention. “Chubbs” became famous! We put out this flyer on the same day Chubbs was available, so anyone else waiting in line could explore other “fat cat” options.